Our Focus

Full English Immersion 

KidsCampAmerica combines team work and cooperative games with fun outdoor activities to encourage English language skills at all levels of comprehension. We always operate under the assumption that the best way to learn a new language is to speak it: and that is what we encourage the most. All of our activities are geared toward communication - the basic purpose of all languages, and so our camp is interactive, vibrant, and fun. This is why KidsCampAmerica achieves an excellent balance between learners and native speakers. Neither the native speakers nor the learners that visit our camp have the feeling they are in a language school, but rather a normal American Day Camp with fun, focused, and guided activities meant to bring groups of campers together, to work and play together.

All English, All Day!

By interacting in English throughout the day in both classroom and social settings, KCA introduces language concepts that are then reinforced through conversation and cooperation. Just like a language course abroad, the most valuable "lessons" are those that are spontaneous and "real-life". Through our varied activities, KidsCampAmerica introduces an enormous range of vocabulary and grammar that is useful, practical, and "hands-on."

Native Speakers and English Learners

if you love speaking English, miss speaking English, or just want to make friends with other English speakers, KCA is the place for you.