Summer camps are the best way to make friends

KidsCampAmerica - A great way to make friends

Learn an international language and talk with people from all over the world!

At the end of each one week session at KidsCampAmerica, we give our campers the time and opportunity to exchange phone numbers and email addresses with the new friends they made throughout the week. It's amazing to watch our groups of campers bond in such a short time period. They arrive on Monday, a little nervous, a little hesitant, and they leave on Friday confident, happy, and proud that they have spoken English for an entire week.

A focus on group bonding.

Forty hours of English in one week is an intense experience and this is why KidsCampAmerica gives an extra focus on group bonding. Each group has a name and a chant or a song. Each teacher leads their group through a variety of ice-breaker and trust games designed to bring groups together, to get the to work to together and to trust one another.

Our Cubs, Pandas, Bears, Grizzlies, and Polar Bears end each sessions proud to have completed a week full of English and happy to have had a group of friends help them succeed and push them forward.