English day camp for teens.

Intensive English Courses for Teens

The Program

KidsCampAmerica offers week-long, full immersion intensive English courses for teens from 13 years and up. From Monday through Friday 1pm - 5pm our teens dive into the four elements of English immersion: speaking, reading, writing, and listening with certified and experienced English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers.

Our Campers

Our intensive English campers are any teen who wants to improve their English in any one of the above areas. Because we limit our group size to 8 participants, our teachers are able to target each students' individual needs. Each camper takes an English diagnostic exam before the start of the course and our expert teachers plan lessons to fill each students' learning gaps. After completing the diagnostic exams each student is placed at their individual face2face level and receives the student workbook that they may keep to continue their English practice after the course has ended.

The Concept

Each of our intensive English courses uses the world renowned face2face Cambridge English books to spark conversation among our course participants. We recognize that in many school systems students simply do not speak enough English in class and therefore our primary focus is encouraging our students' confidence in their spoken English. Of course, we focus on correct grammar, and vocabulary and therefore we utilize the students' face2face workbooks throughout the course as well.

The Locations

KidsCampAmerica offers intensive English courses in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Freiburg, Wiesbaden, and Dreieich. Our facilities are in some of the best private schools in each city offering SmartBoard access and technology based learning to enhance our lessons.