Our Camp Prices

Loads of English, loads of new activities, new friends and lots of smiles included. 

Bookable by the week!

Whole Week Full Day:       9am - 5pm         €295 (Frankfurt Goethe - €325)
Whole Week Half Day:      9am - 1pm         €220
Whole Week Half Day:      1pm - 5pm         €150
Whole Week Extended Day: 8am - 9am OR   5pm - 6pm €40
Whole Week Extended Day: 8am - 9am AND 5pm - 6pm €60

Sibling Discount:               5%
Consecutive Weeks:          5%

Price includes:
All lesson supplies.
Daily warm lunch.
KCA T-Shirt.
Weekly field trip.
Name-tags and lanyards as souvenirs.