English summer camp and cool activities

Arts and Crafts - A huge variety to choose from

Unleash Your Inner-Artist - Every Day!

Children are natural artists, they love to experiment with color, shape, and texture. They love to get their hands dirty. They love to create something out of nothing. At KidsCampAmerica children have the opportunity to unleash their inner-artist every day. We love watching our campers' eyes light up as they create something new. This burst of creativity gives them an outlet to express themselves and gives them the opportunity to experience English outside of a classroom environment. They are so excited when they describe their creations that they forget they are speaking English!

Take Your Work Home!

Camp is all about making experiencing and learning new things, making friends and lasting memories. Creating, experimenting, and exploring with friends are so important to children - and bringing those memories home help them never to forget their most exciting moments. At KidsCampAmerica we ensure that the creations our campers dream-up are taken home as souvenirs. Some of these are temporary, a bar of soap with flowers collected in the field near the University, a candle shaped like a shell. Some of these are permanent and lasting - a mask of the face, made, dried and decorated, hardened clay now painted and ornate. These items can sit on a shelf for years to come and remind our children of those magic moments at camp.

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Face Painting,

Comic Book Making,

Candle Making,

Soap Making,

Soap Stone Carving,


Kite Making,

Marshmallow Architecture,

Perler Beads,